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From fragile to stable - Collaboration in Africa

Photo exhibition "The Strenght of People" on Africa Day

On 7 November 2015, the photo exhibition "The strenght of people" was exhibited during Africa Day at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. Photographer Folkert Rinkema has an unique and creative way to capture the resilience of people in Africa in pictures.

Earlier this year the exhibition has been displayed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ZOA's headquarters and the office of Save the Children. Keep your eyes peeled for new locations.

Symposium 'Civic Driven Change in Fragile States?'

On November 3, 2015 the Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation (DCR) organised the symposium 'Civic Driven Change in Fragile States?' in Humanity House in The Hague.

Seth Kaplan, professor at the John Hopkins University in Washington (author of "Fixing Fragile States" and "Betrayed") and Kees Biekart (specialist in Civic Driven Change) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and ISS / The Hague were debating the options for Civic Driven Change in fragile states.

During this symposium the report 'How to effectively strenghten advocacy capacity' was launched.

Read the report of this meeting 'true change comes from within'

Click here for the entire programme.

Final report

Click here to download the final report 2011-2015

Annual report

Click here to download the annual report 2014

Click here to download the annual report 2013

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Click here to download the annual report 2011

YouTube channel

DCR has its own youtube channel! Check out one of the interesting films made in the countries.

Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation 2011-2015
War causes a great deal of damage in a country. People have to escape the violence, thus losing their homes, familiar environments and jobs. Or even worse: their families. And the problems do not end when the war is over. What remains is chaos. Then where do you start, when you’ve literally been left with nothing?

A large number of African communities are exposed to acts of war. The Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation (DCR) works together with the inhabitants on the rehabilitation of a number of communities. The DCR is a collaborative venture of four social organizations that are active in different areas. The DCR is financed by the (Dutch) Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The DCR’s most important activities are: improving basic facilities, creating employment and strengthening community ties. In this way, we want to contribute to greater stability and sustainable economic growth in six (post)conflict countries, since these are ultimately the best weapons against war.